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Professor Menas Kafatos (Greek: Μηνάς Καφάτος) is a physicist and writer on science. His publications include "The Nonlocal Universe" and "The Conscious Universe".

B.A., Physics, Cornell University, NY, U.S.A., 1967

Ph.D., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, U.S.A., 1972
Professional Employment/Honors

Currently at Chapman University
Honorary Member, Romanian Academy of Sciences.
Distinguished Faculty, 1986. University Professor.
Dean, SCS, George Mason University (GMU), July 2002-2006.
Associate Dean, SCS, George Mason University, 2000- June 2002.
Director, Center for Earth Observing and Space Research (CEOSR), 1995-present.
Director for Academic Programs and Science, CSI, GMU, 1991-1994.
Founding Director, CSI I Acting Chair, Dept. of Physics, GMU, 1989-1991.
Professor, Dept. of Physics, George Mason University, 1984-??.
Assistant/Associate Prof. 1975-1984.
Postdoctoral Research Assoc., NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, 1973-1975.
Postdoc. Research Assoc., U. of Colorado, Boulder, 1972-1973.
Research Assistant, Dept. of Physics, M.I.T., 1967-1972.

Author or editor of 12 books

134 articles in astronomy and astrophysics (1973-2000)
12 Articles in cosmology and quantum theory
11 Articles in Brain science/consciousness and quantum theory (since 1999)
58 Articles in Earth System Science, remote sensing and data systems (since 1996)


More than 1,940 citations in professional journals, proceedings and books

(from Science Citation Index).

INTERVIEWS - ABC national news on Hurricane Katrina, local Fox news on earthquakes (Sept., Oct 2005);local CBS and Fox news on hurricanes and Mason's antenna (May 2006).

Research Interests:

Earth System Science/Earth Observing/Remote Sensing:
Virtual Domain Application Data Centers; federated, distributed data information system architecture;
Visualization of Earth and space science data;
Distributed data systems and associated technologies.
Space Sciences:
Black holes, active galaxies and quasars, accretion hydrodynamics in curved spacetime, gamma-rays from active galaxies;
Ultraviolet astronomy, symbiotic stars; atomic physics.
Foundations of Quantum Theory, Cosmology and Consciousness:
Cosmological observations and their limitations;
Universal Diagrams;
Foundations of quantum theory;
Quantum theory and brain dynamics.


Robert Nadeau and Manos Kafatos, (2001). The Non-Local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind, Oxford University Press. ISBN 0195144082

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