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Louis Mandylor (born Louis Theodosopoulos[1] 13 September 1966) is an Australian film and television actor.

Louis Mandylor, Erik Argenti, Angela Tropea, Debbie Golden, and Carlo Rodriguez right before the awards banquet gala at Action on Film Festival 2010

Louis Mandylor, Erik Argenti, Angela Tropea, Debbie Golden, and Carlo Rodriguez

Life and career

Mandylor was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the son of Greek immigrants Louise (née Mandylaris) and Yannis Theodosopoulos, a taxi driver.[1][2] He is the younger brother of fellow actor Costas Mandylor.

Mandylor has enjoyed success in US television shows, such as a prominent guest appearance on Relic Hunter with Tia Carrere. Louis is probably most famous for his role in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Other major roles include playing Louis Malone in Martial Law alongside Sammo Hung. However, the show only lasted two seasons, with Mandylor being dropped at the end of its first season. Mandylor appeared in the sitcom Friends, pretending to be Joey's twin in "The One With Unagi". Additionally, he appeared in the third season of CSI: Miami as a robber/killer. He and his brother Costas have acted alongside each other in the Charmed episode "Saving Private Leo" and a short movie written and produced by Louis entitled My Brother Cicero. Louis portrayed Deputy Lloyd in the Syfy thriller film The Cursed, he stars alongside his brother Costas.[3] One of his more popular roles was that of Bobby DeLuca in the cult-classic Suckers, where he plays a good-guy turned car salesman.

China Beach .... Aussie (1 episode, 1990)
Necessary Roughness (1991) .... McKenzie
Down the Shore .... Aldo Carbone (28 episodes, 1992–1993)
The Heartbreak Kid (1993) .... Eleni
Frogmen (1994) (TV)
Grace Under Fire .... Carl (8 episodes, 1993–1994)
The Set-Up (1995) .... Pauly
Get Smart .... Georgio (1 episode, 1995)
Life 101 (1995) (direct-to-video) .... Donnie
Can't Hurry Love (1995) TV series .... Roger Carlucci (unknown episodes)
The Quest (1996) .... Riggi
Criminal Affairs (1997) .... Clint Barker
Nash Bridges .... Ray Goetz (3 episodes, 1997)
Champions (1998) .... William Rockman
My Brother Cicero (1998) .... Nicky
Jane Austen's Mafia! (1998) .... Middle Aged Vincenzo
Renegade Force (1998) .... Peter Roth
Suckers (1999) .... Bobby DeLuca
Enemy Action (1999) .... Price
Martial Law .... Det. Louis Malone (22 episodes, 1998–1999)
Friends .... Carl (1 episode, 2000)
Price of Glory (2000) .... Davey Lane
Warm Texas Rain (2000) (direct-to-video) .... Angel
Jack of Hearts (2000) .... Jack Newland
Big Shots (2001) .... New Age Hitman
Double Deception (2001) .... Luke Campbell
Resurrection Blvd. .... Jake Mornay (2 episodes, 2001)
Relic Hunter .... Derek Lloyd (4 episodes, 1999–2001)
Angel Blade (2002) .... Kiel Parsons
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) .... Nick Portokalos
Charmed .... Nathan Lang (1 episode, 2002)
She Spies .... Leo Divornak (1 episode, 2002)
Hitters (2002) .... Detective Monroy
Rumble (2003) .... Paul
Touched by an Angel .... Marty (1 episode, 2003)
Betrayal (2003) .... Frank Bianci
My Big Fat Greek Life .... Nick (7 episodes, 2003)
White Rush (2003) .... Chick
Gang of Roses (2003) .... Sheriff Shoeshine Michel
Jimmy Bones (2003) .... Jimmy Bones
CSI: Miami .... Steve Riddick (1 episode, 2004)
The Game of Their Lives (2005) .... Gino Pariani
Redline (2007) .... Louis
Take (2007) .... Terrel
Saturday Morning (2007) .... Frankie Cicotelli
The Drum Beats Twice (2008) .... Leroy
The Sensei (2008) .... Mark Corey
In the Eyes of a Killer (2008) .... Jack
The Ball Is Round (2008) .... Paolo delMonte
The Intruders (2009) .... Mark
Bare Knuckles (2009) .... Nedish
Gerald (2009) .... Gerald
Rules of Engagement .... Nick (1 episode, 2009)
CSI: NY .... Det. Christos Temmas (1 episode, 2009)
Silent Venom (2009) (direct-to-video) .... Jake Goldin
No Time to Fear (2009) .... Dr. Sheridan
Devil's Land (2009) .... Detective Pappas
Wrong Turn at Tahoe (2009) .... Steven
The Cursed (2010) .... Lloyd Muldoon
Not Another Not Another Movie (2010) .... Nasa Guy
Sinners & Saints (2010) .... Cole
The Prometheus Project (2010) .... Marcus
Spreading Darkness (2011)...Byron


Jimmy Bones (2003)
In the Eyes of a Killer (2008)


My Brother Cicero (1998)
Jimmy Bones (2003)
In the Eyes of a Killer (2008)
Gerald (2009)
The Cursed (2010)


My Brother Cicero (1998)

Soccer career

Mandylor played in the Australian National Soccer League in the late 1980s. He played five matches for Heidelberg, during which he scored one goal.[4]
Awards and Accolades

Winner Best Actor at the Down Beach Film Festival for his role as Gerald in the film GERALD – October 2009
Winner Best Actor at the Sacramento International Film Festival for his role as Gerald in the film GERALD – April 2010


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