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Jorge Lacerda (Paranaguá, October 20, 1914 - St. Joseph of the Pines, June 16, 1958) was a Brazilian politician.

He was governor of Santa Catarina, from 1956 to 1958.

Son of Greek descent, and Anastasia Komninos Giorgis Lakierdis Joanides Lakierdis, Kastelorizon Island.

He studied medicine at the University of Parana. Also studied law at the Faculty of Niterói, definitely before entering into politics, being a two-time congressman.

Jorge Lacerda died in a plane crash at 43 years old. At the same disaster also killed the former president of the republic Nereus de Oliveira Ramos and Congressman Leoberto Leal, both of Santa Catarina.


Starts the primary study of Paranaguá Parish School - 1922;
Does the high school at the College of Santa Catarina, in Florianópolis - 1927;
Joins Party Integralist - 1932. Know where the intellectuals of the time: Plinio Salgado, San Thiago Dantas and Augusto Frederico Schmidt;
He graduated in Medicine in 1937 from the Faculty of Medicine of Parana. He lived for many years in Rio de Janeiro, where he was a journalist in the area of ​​culture and official office of the Minister of Justice of Costa Mosque;
In the capital of the Republic, working in the newspaper "The Morning", and assistant director Cassiano Ricardo - 1940;
Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Niterói (RJ) in 1949. Was elected federal deputy for the PRP in 1950. Then re-elected in 1954;
Marries D. Kyran Atherino - 1942, also of Greek descent, born and two daughters, Irene and Zoe. Cristina born nine years later. It is the former Medical Service Assistance to Minors - Sandu;
In 1945, a candidate for federal deputy from Santa Catarina, the Representation of People's Party - PRP, the former Brazilian Integralist Action. It has good vote, but did not elect to not have the necessary party label;
In the newspaper "The Morning", founded and became the director of the Supplement "Literature and Art" in 1946. Its staff writers and artists of national renown: Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Manuel Bandeira, Rachel de Queiroz, John Conde, Louis Wiznitzer, Broca, Ledo Ivo, Lygia Fagundes Telles, Dinah Silveira de Queiroz, José Lins do Rego, Santa Rosa ... This would be an adaptation of the ancient Supplement "Authors and Books," by Leo Múcio, belonging to the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Now, the supplement would focus on all kinds of arts, not only literature but also film, theater, painting, philosophy ... Jorge Lacerda directs a space that does not distinguish the political conception. When a person really has an artistic vocation, it is disclosed. No matter whether it is communist, as in the case of Portinari, or situation (Dutra's government). Besides the focus on cultural events, there is still space for new writers to disseminate their work. With news and a new edition covering all classes of artists, Supplement "Arts and Letters" represents an important milestone in Brazilian literature;
Advisor to the Minister of Justice of Costa Adroaldo Mosque - 1948. At a time when the country is experiencing the post-war Germany, Jorge helps immigrants and entrepreneurs in Santa Catarina's Itajai Valley;
Cola degree in law school in Niteroi - 1949;
Congressman in 1950, the Representation of People's Party - PRP, now in coalition with the National Democratic Union - UDN. Can re-election in 1954. Jorge travels frequently to the interior of Santa Catarina, to listen to people more distant from the capital. And it encourages the installation of machinery of hospitals in cities far from large urban centers: Itapiranga, Ituporanga, Hunter.

Major works in Congress

National Coal Plan (budget for the extraction of coal and incentive for miners);
Speech Dredgers (reform of the Brazilian ports). The ports were abandoned and without due regard to the flow of production;
Appropriation bill for the construction of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro - MAM. Before, the Museum worked in a building annexed to the municipal building of the press.

Governor of Santa Catarina

Jorge Lacerda candidate for governor of Santa Catarina, the PRP, again in coalition with the UDN, on January 31, 1956.

His principal works are:

Creation of Thermoelectric Society Capivari - SOTELCA in 1957, thermal power plant would ensure the energy independence of the state. Since then, the powerhouse of ELETROSUL. Today, the name of Jorge Lacerda thermoelectric plant is, and the administration of the company Tractebel Suez. As the largest power plant in Latin America, with a production capacity of 854 MW of power;
Construction of 48 schools in the state. Including the State Institute of Education, which currently has 7,000 students. Are initiated the groundwork for the construction of the Federal University of Santa Catarina and also the Engineering University of Joinville;
Construction of 50 bridges and 10 roads, such as the completion of the first paved road state, linking the Itajai and Blumenau reform of road D. Frances, which connects the BR-101 to South St. Benedict;
Shark Construction Forum, the tax collector of the Boards and the Building Joaçaba in Florianopolis;
Construction of several isolated works: four police stations, seven health centers, facilities of the Maternity Carmela Dutra, an emergency power plant, a transformer substation, a childcare position, a home and four buildings for the DER.

His administration is marked by a general restructuring of the administration. When the government received from the hands of former governor Bornhausen Irenaeus, the balance in the financial state was positive. Fact that it continues until the end of his administration and the vice-governor Heriberto Hülse. That would take over his post shortly after his death.

The state of Santa Catarina enter into agreement with Rio Grande do Sul, Parana and Sao Paulo, through the governors Lupion Moses, Ildo Meneghetti and Quadros. To expedite traffic and purchase of products arising from their states.

With the governor Ildo Meneghetti, began a study for the use of the Uruguay River basin.

All municipalities receive punctually 5%, the distribution of state funds, as contained in Article 5 of the Federal Constitution. Sao Paulo is one of the few Brazilian states to honor this commitment, and paying only 4% of the quota.

It is the largest increase in state civil service, with 70% of their salaries.

Jorge Lacerda shows on January 31, 1958, after completing two years of government, the achievements of his administration in Alvares de Carvalho Theater in Florianópolis. With photo exhibitions of works in progress throughout the state.

In the cultural area there is an incentive to all classes of artists. The governor travels to Sao Paulo, where the presentation of the Opera finances Anita Garibaldi, the conductor Heinz Geyer, the Municipal Theatre in São Paulo. In film, there is government support for the recording of their first feature film Santa Catarina, "The Cost of Illusion," Armando Miguel Carreirão and Salim. That, too, are part of the South Group and launched, with government help, the Coast Magazine. What happens is that government reform of the Art Museum of Santa Catarina.

On April 18, 1958, is published in the Official Gazette, Decree No. 7 for the construction of the new State Public Library of Florianópolis, Research Center in the courtyard of the Palace and Souza Cruz. This project is developed in Rio de Janeiro, by the architects Oscar Niemeyer and son Flavio Aquinas.

This fact was not realized, among many others, such as steel plant in Laguna. Due to the untimely death of the governor.

It made the first survey Aerofográfico of Santa Catarina. To assist in the expansion of roads and watershed studies.

Santa Catarina is working with the wood and food provisionses for the construction of Brasilia, the new Federal Capital.

On June 15, 1958, the convention of the PSD, in Florianópolis Carlos Gomes de Oliveira chooses candidate for the Senate. Before they would have chosen Plinio. Jorge Lacerda was surprised, because you'd know this option. This is a candidate for the Senate and the president of his party and belonging to an opposition to his plate.

Jorge owed much to his election Irenaeus, who was the UDN candidate for the Senate. He decides to go the next day, on June 16, on Monday, to Sao Paulo and Pliny talk about the convention of the PSD. On this trip, George would also meet with the mayor of Sao Paulo Quadros policy issues.

Come back next Wednesday, following President Kubitschek, who would sign on Santa Catarina Criciúma the basics of building a steel mill in the town of Laguna.

Happens, then, the fatal accident involving the three major political figures of the scene in Santa Catarina.

Jorge Lacerda dies at 43 in plane crash in Curitiba, with the former president and senator and congressman Nereus Leoberto Ramos Leal, on June 16, 1958.

Today they are found in the state several tributes to Jorge Lacerda, including thermoelectric Capivari, highways, parks, schools, and even a municipality under the name Lacerdópolis.

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Preceded by
Irenaeus Bornhausen Governor of Santa Catarina
1956 - 1958 Succeeded by
Heriberto Hülse

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