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Giorgos Konstantinou, (Greek: Γιώργος Κωνσταντίνου) born October 27, 1934 in Athens is a popular Greek actor, writer, and director.[1] His career was boosted after the 'profiterole' scene in the movie Ktipokardia sto thranio and reached its pinnacle with the comedy film The... Kopanoi in the 1980s. However after that era, tired and unable to express any innovative skills, he resorted in acting and writing an ample number of theater plays and TV shows widely considered flops. Still, he exhibits true strength and tenacity by surviving in the TV and theater scene for all these years.


I Liza kai i alli 1961
Oi Ginaikes theloun ksilo 1962
O Antras tis ginaikas mou 1962
Trelloi politeleias 1963
Merikoi to Protimoun Kryo 1963
Ktipokardia sto thranio 1963
Oi Kathos prepei 1963
To Gelio vgike apo ton paradiso 1963
O Filos mou o Lefterakis 1963
Afto to kati allo 1963
I Soferina 1964
Nichtoperpatimata 1964
Gamos ala ellinika 1964
O Eaftoulis mou 1964
I de gini na fovite ton andra 1965
0 Anthropos gia oles tis douleies 1966 (Also Directed)
5000 psemata 1966 (Also Directed)
Kalos ilthe to dollario 1967
Ziliara 1968
Xipna Vassili 1969
Ginaikokratia 1972
Boom Taratatzoum 1972
Kathenas me tin trella tou 1980
Gefsi apo Ellada! 1980
The... Kopanoi 1987 (Also Directed)
O Diavolos kai to kerato tou 1989 (Also Directed)
Kafta thrania 1990 (Also Directed)


Anthropines istories 1975 (TV)
Ase ton kosmo na gelasei 1975 (TV) (Also Directed)
Treis kai o koukos 1985 (TV) (Also Directed)
Mi mou girnas tin plati 1986 (TV) (Also Directed)
I Alepou kai o boufos 1987 (TV) (Also Directed)
Patir, yios kai pnevma 1990 (TV) (Also Directed)
Aggelos kata lathos 1990 (TV)
Ta Efta kaka tis moiras mou 1991 (TV) (Also Directed)
Zoe patini 1995 (TV) (Also Directed)
Alli to proi alli to vradi 1995 (TV) (Also Directed)
Diplani porta 1997 (TV) (Also Directed)
To Berdema 2000 (TV) (Also Directed)
Ta Filarakia 2002 (TV) (Also Directed)
Odos Paradeisou 7 2006 (TV)


^ Kleftoyannis, Ioanna (25 November 2009). "«Εχω γνωρίσει πολλούς μεγαλομανείς ηθοποιούς»" (in Greek). Eleftherotypia. Retrieved 14 October 2010.

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