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Dimitris Κ. Kraniotis (gr. Δημήτρης Κρανιώτης, born 1950 in Athens, Greece) is a Greek dancer and poet who lives in France.

Kraniotis studied philosophy and mathematics in Paris, later also theology and poetry. He lived in the monasteries of Mount Athos before working with Jerome Andrews (Paris) as a dancer and choreographic assistant. He was later assistant and dramaturg for Pina Bausch's Wuppertaler Tanztheater. Together with Christine Kono he has held classes and workshops based on the movement research of Jerome Andrews and classical ballet since 1994.


Eros Etrange Etranger: Desmos/Cahiers grecs, Paris, 1997. Bilingual edition French/Greek, translated by M. Volkovitch. ISBN 2911427068[1][2]
Altier l’Aurige (gr. O Iníochos Agérochos): Mimnermos, Athens, 1993. Bilingual edition French/Greek, translated by M. Volkovitch.[3]
Abysmal Spring (gr. Ávyssos Ánoixis): Ikaros, Athens, 1989[3][4]
Vagrant Fate (gr. Alítis Moíra): Agra, Athens, 1985.[3][4]
Eros Stranger (gr. Ἔρως ἀλλογενής): Athens, 1979[4]

Selected poems appeared in:

D'Estoc et d'Intaille - L'epigramme: Les Belles Lettres, Paris, 2003 ISBN 2251490175 [5]
Anthologie de la poésie grecque contemporaine: Gallimard/poésie, Paris, 2000. ISBN 9782070412532[6][7]
L'accueil de l'Oblique: Le Nouveau Recueil, N°48, 1998. ISBN 2876732742 [8][9]


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