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Christoforos Nezer (Greek: Χριστόφορος Νέζερ, 1903 - 1996 in Athens) was a Greek actor and brother of Marika Nezer.

He was descended from the Bavarian Nezer family, which came to Greece with King Otto. He took part in several movies under the director Theodoros Angelopoulos.

Year Film Greek name and translation Role
1943 Grammos Γράμμος -
1958 The Lake of Thinking
1972 Meres tou '36 Μέρες του '36 (Days of '36) prison warden
1975 O katadikos Ο κατάδικος (The Convict) -
1975 O thiasos Ο θίασος (The Troupe) -
1977 Oi kynigoi Οι κυνηγοί (The Hunters) a politician
1978 I kangeloporta Η καγκελόπορτα (The Iron Gate) -
1980 Eleftherios Venizelos Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος -
1980 Megalexandros Μεγαλέξανδρος' (Alexander the Great) -
1984 Loufa kai Parallagi Λούφα και Παραλλαγή soldier
1986 O melissokomos Ο μελισσοκόμος (The Beekeper) -
1991 to meteoro vima tou pelargou Το μετέωρο βήμα του πελαργού (The Suspended Step of the Stork) president of the parliament
1993 Gynaikes dilitirio Γυναίκες δηλητήριο (Poison Women) -
1994 To spiti stin exohi Το σπίτι στην εξοχή (A House In the Countryside) -
1995 To vlemma tou Odyssea Το βλέμμα του Οδυσσέα (Ulysses' Gaze) -

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