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Callipides of Athens (gr. Kallippides), a celebrated tragic actor of the time of Alcibiades and Agesilaus. (Plut. Alcib. 32, Ages. 21; Athen. xii. p. 535.) He was particularly famous for his imitation of the actions of real life, which he carried so far as to become ridiculous, and to be stigmatized by the nickname of the ape (pithekos. See the Greek life of Sophocles; Apostolius, Proverb. xv. 39). A comedy of Strattis entitled Callippides seems to have been composed to ridicule our actor. (Meineke, Fragm. Com. Graec. i. p. 226); and it is not improbable that Cicero (ad Att. xiii. 12) may be alluding to Callippides the actor. (Orelli, Onomast. Tull. ii. p. 119.)

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