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Asteas (active between 350 and 320 v.Chr. in Paestum) was one of the more active Greek vase painters in Southern Italy, practicing the red figure style. He managed a large workshop, in which above all Hydria and Krater were painted. He painted mostly mythological and theatrical scenes. He is one of the few vase painters of the Greek colonies whose name comes down to us.

Heracles and Megara Asteas Painter, Madrid Museum 4th century BC

Selected Works

Berlin, Antikensammlung

  • Kelchkrater F 3044 [1]

Kassel, Staatliche Museen

  • Skyphos

Malibu, J. Paul Getty Museum

  • Kelchkrater 81.AE.78 (2006 als Fund aus einer Raubgrabung an Italien zurückgegeben) [2]

Paris, Musée National du Louvre

  • Lekanis K 570 [3]

Tampa, Tampa Museum of Art

  1. Hydria 89.98 [4]


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