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Silver tetradrachm of Artemidoros (c.85 BCE). [Source] Obverse shows bust of Artemidoros with Greek legend ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΙΚΗΤΟΥ ΑΡΤΕΜΙΔΟΡΟΥ (invincible King Artemidoros). Reverse shows Nike standing with a bow. The Kharoshthi legend reads MAHARAJASA APADIHATASA ARTEMIDORASA (invincible King Artemidoros). Pushkalavati mint.

Artemidoros was an Indo-Greek king who ruled in the area of Gandhara and Taxila in modern northern Pakistan around 85 BC.

On a coin described by numismatician R.C. Senior, Artemidoros claims to be the son of the Scythian king Maues. Not only does this coin enable a closer dating of Artemidoros; it also sheds new light on the transient ethnic identities during the decline of the Indo-Greek kingdom. Another possibility is that the paternity is merely a way of expressing vasallage to Maues. Artemidoros uses a reverse featuring a curved bow, which may have been typical of Scythian tribes and further supports his affiliation with them.

Most of his coins were minted in the area of Pushkalavati in Gandhara.

Preceded by:
Indo-Greek Ruler
(c. 80 BC)
Succeeded by:
Apollodotus II


Coins of Artemidoros

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