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Archermos or Archermus is a Chian sculptor of the middle of the 6th century BC.

His father Micciades, and his sons, Bupalus and Athenis, were all sculptors of marble, using doubtlessly the fine marble of their native land. The school excelled in draped female figures.


Nike from Delos (Athens NAMA 21), ca. 550 BC

NAMA 21 : Statue of a Nike. Parian marble. Delos.

Mikkia[dei tod' aga]lma kalon n[iken pteroessan] Archermo so[ph]ieisin ehebo[le dexsai Apollon] [t]oi Chioi, Melanos patroiwn as[tu nemonti]
Farshooter [Apollo, receive this] fine figure [..., worked by] the skills of Archermos, from the Chian Mikkiades, [dwelling in]...the paternal city of Melas

Archermus is said by a scholiast (on Aristophanes' Birds, v. 573) to have been the first to represent Victory and Love with wings. This statement gives especial interest to a discovery made at Delos of a basis signed by Micciades and Archermus which was connected with a winged female figure in rapid motion, a figure naturally at first regarded as the Victory of Archermus. Unfortunately further investigation has discredited the notion that the statue belongs to the basis, which seems rather to have supported a sphinx.

Archermus, Britannica 11

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