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Antonios Papadakis (1810 - 1878) was a Greek benefactor of the National University.

Antonios Papadakis (Αντώνιος Παπαδάκης )

Biographical data

Born approximately in 1810 in the town of Psychro in Dikti, Lasithi, Crete. His parents were slaughtered by the Turks, and the little Antony captive with the rest of his three siblings was forced to leave his homeland. They were moved to Alexandria, where they were sold as slaves to an Egyptian. Antonios once arrived in Constantinople and managed, with the help of a Russian, to escape and come to Odessa along with others from Cephalonia. There he worked with the help of Alexander Sturzza. He learned the Greek letters and got a job at the Greek print shop in Odessa. He also joined the agricultural school and studied agriculture. After graduating, he was appointed director of the Sturzza estates in Bessarabia in 1833. Thanks to his agronomic knowledge he greatly increased the income of the estates and expanded his employer's activities also in the livestock sector.
He has earned enough money to return and settle permanently in Greece. He settled in Athens and lived a lively life benefiting his homeland.
Later, looking for the fortunes of his lost brothers, he discovered the greatest of them, who had taken advantage of Muslims, had been renamed Ishmael, and became the famous Ismail Ferric Pasha, the minister of the military under Sait Pasha. At a meeting in Egypt, the two brothers recognized each other and were glad.

He died on 27 December 1878.

His beneficial work

He allocated the amount of more than eight hundred thousand drachmas for the permanent allocation of ten scholarships to young people from different regions of Greece. His legacy is also the University Club building on Ippokratous and Akadimias streets. The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens restored as an example the marble bust of Papadakis in the great hall of the University.

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