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Periphery: Central Greece
Prefecture : Euboea

Evoia, Greece

Styra (Greek: Στύρα) is a town on the southwestern shore of Euboea, facing the eastern shore of Attica across the Euboic Gulf. Nowadays it can be reached by ferryboat from the port of Rafina, as well as by road from Halkida (ancient Chalkis).

Styra is part of the municipality of Styra.


Historical population

Year Communal population Municipal population
1991 394 3161
2001 432 3346

Prefecture: Euboea
Province: Province of Karystia
Seat: Krieza
Location: 38°9'31'' N 24°14'45'' E
Population: (2001)  3346

Euboic Sea
about 10 m(centre)
around 400 to 500 m
Postal code: 340 15
Area/distance code: 11-30-22240, (030-22240)-51
Municipal code: 1424
Car designation: XA
3-letter abbreviation: SEV Styra, Evvoia
Name of inhabitants: Styran sing., -s pl.

Division of the municipality

  • Styra / Δ.δ. Στύρων [817]
    • Styra / τα Στύρα [432]
    • Elafolimano / το Ελαφολίμανο [23]
    • Kagkadaioi / οι Καγκαδαίοι [35]
    • Kapsala / τα Κάψαλα [199]
    • Lefka / η Λεύκα [72]
    • Nimporeio / το Νιμπορειό [56]
  • Alymropotamos / Δ.δ. Αλμυροποτάμου [543]
  • Mesochoria / Δ.δ. Μεσοχωρίων [478]
  • Nea Styra / Δ.δ. Νέων Στύρων [1.362]
    • Nea Styra / τα Νέα Στύρα [993]
    • Vathyrema / το Βαθύρεμα [14]
    • Diliso / το Δήλησο [96]
  • Zoodochos Pigi / η Ζωοδόχος Πηγή [191]
    • Kellia / τα Κελλιά [0]
    • Kouvelles / οι Κουβέλλες [68]
  • Polypotamos / Δ.δ. Πολυποτάμου [146]

Nea Styra

Nea Styra is a city located at the South-Western side of Evoia (Euboea). It is nearby the sea and has a small harbour which connects Southern Evoia with Attiki prefecture. Actually there are two cities, Nea Styra (New) and Palaia Styra (Old). In between of Nea Styra and Palaia Styra there was standing the ancient city of Styra, a city that has been referred at Homer's Iliad (Rhapsody B'). Additionally nearby Styra there are ancient structures standing which are 4,500 years old and are constructed using Megalithic Architecture. They are called Drakospita (i.e. Dragon Houses) and have been built using huge one piece stones (monolith). The size of each of this stones is 4.0m length x 2.5m width x 1.5m height which makes it a megalithic monument like the similar ones found in Philippines and in Stonehenge (UK). Nea Styra can be reached nowdays by taking the ferry from Agia Marina harbour cited at N.E. of Athens and today it takes about 40 minutes of travel to go from the one harbour to the other.

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  • Nea Styra


Almyropotamos is a small village, c. 77 km from Chalkida, named after a river with salty water.


Kavaliani or Kavalliani

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