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Administrative Region : Thessaly
Regional unit : Larissa

Pyrgetos (Πυργετός ) is a village (2001 pop: 1,760) in the Larissa regional unit and seat of the former municipality of Kato Olympos, which is part of the municipality of Tempi in Thessaly, Greece. Its elevation is 200 m and is 36 km north of Larissa.



It is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus and is 36 km away from Larissa. The area belongs to Delta of Pineios, and has been characterized as a habitat. Fruit, trees, small groves and bushes surround the village, its main crop production are corn, wheat, grain, wines and olives. Remains of a Venetian bridge is situated around Livadi. Other features include its football (soccer) club who currently plays in the fourth division.

Nearby places

Krania Olybou/Krania in the Olympus

Notable people

Vaios Malliaras, clarinet musician who wrote over 2,000 songs[1]


^ Biography of Vaios Maliaras (Greek)

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