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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Pieria

Leptokarya (also spelled Leptokaria, Greek Λεπτοκαρυά) is a town in Pieria prefecture, Central Macedonia, Greece, former capital of East Olympos municipality, which is part of the municipality of Dio-Olympos. The distance from Katerini is 26 km and it has 4.225 inhabitants, according 2001 census. Lies on the coast of Aegean Sea, under the Mount Olympos. It is located near ancient Livithra, allegedly the home of Orpheus, major figure in the Greek Mythology. Since the major events and customs in the town is the revival of division of Orpheus.

Leptokarya Beach (*)

Every summer the beach attracts visitors from Greece and the abroad.
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Coordinates: 40.05337°N 22.54326°E

"Καζταρίδη Ι. Φ., Η Πιερία των περιηγητών και των γεωγράφων'"

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