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Hyperteleatum or Hyperteleaton (Ancient Greek: Ὑπερτελέατον) was a place in ancient Laconia, in the territory of Asopus, at the distance of 50 stadia from the latter town, containing a temple of Asclepius.[1]

Its site is located near the modern Foiniki [el].[2][3]


Hyperteleatum in Laconia, Greece


There is also in this district a sanctuary of Asclepius, about fifty stades from Asopus the place where the sanctuary is they name Hyperteleatum. Two hundred stades from Asopus there juts out into the sea a headland, which they call Onugnathus (Jaw of an Ass). Here is a sanctuary of Athena, having neither image nor roof. Agamemnon is said to have made it. There is also the tomb of Cinadus, one of the pilots of the ship of Menelaus.


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