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Administrative Region : North Aegean
Regional unit : Karpathos

Foiniki (Φοινίκι ) Karpathos

Foiniki, officially Foiniki, is a seaside village in the Carpathians.

Geography - History

Foiniki is located in the southern part of the island and its western shores at an altitude of 20 meters [1]. It is 18 km from D.-ND. from Karpathos (or Pigadia) and 2 km north of Arkassa, from which it is separated by the stream Piso Ryaki. According to the Government Gazette 594 / ∆ / 78, it is characterized as a traditional settlement [2].

Its name comes from the Phoenicians, who are believed to have used the port for their trade with the island since the 11th century. e.g. Neighboring Arcassa (Arkesia or Arkesia) was one of the cities that formed Tetrapoli (1000 BC) during the Dorians. The wider area around the settlement is included in the archeological site of Arkassa and is considered a prehistoric site. [4]

It used to be the commercial port of the island where there were customs, sub-prefecture, prisons, gendarmerie station, etc. After the integration of the Dodecanese, it is a picturesque fishing port and fishing shelter [5], where the boats and boats of several fishermen from Arkasa, Pyles, Othos and even Kalymnos (Pigadia) are moored. At the western end of the village and north of the jetty is a rocky hill with the church of Agios Nikolaos [3]. During the summer, there is regular boat service to Kaso. It has a small sandy beach with shallow waters and is known on the island for its fish taverns. [6]


As a settlement, it is officially mentioned, after the integration of the Dodecanese, in 1948 in the Government Gazette 248A - 28/09/1948 to be annexed to the then community of Arkassa. [7] According to the Kallikratis plan, together with Arkassa, the islet of Diakofti and the islet of Harkia constitute the local community of Arkassa which belongs to the municipal unit of Karpathos of the Municipality of Karpathos and according to the 2011 census has a permanent population of 33 inhabitants.

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