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Eresos or Eressos (Greek: Ερεσός) and its twin beach village Scala Eressou are located in the southwest part of the Greek island of Lesbos. They are charming villages visited by considerable number of tourists. Eressos and the adjacent village, Antissa, constitute a municipality of the island.

  • Eressos
  • Sigri - the westernmost community in the island of Lesbos
  • Skala Eressou

Eresos was named after Eresos a son of Macar in Greek Mythology

The municipality of Eresos – Antissa contains five other villages: Messotopos, Vatoussa, Hydira, Sigri and Pterounda located in the west and most barren part of the island. Bare rocky hills, derived from ancient volcanic activity, dominate the area. Skala Eressou sports international tourism and is a favorite spot of Greek families, young people as well as gay women. With its long beautiful beach with dark volcanic sand and its crystal-clear un-polluted water, Skala Eressou was awarded Blue Flag by the European Council on Environment. Its history goes back to ancient times, the first Eressian known was the historian Phalias, ca.650 BC, Sappho, the great lyric poetess was born there ca. 630 BC, as was Theophrastus,the successor of Aristotle and Father of Botany in the 4th century BC. It is remarkable that such a small provincial town could have produced such exceptional personalities.


Eresos has a few schools, a lyceum, a gymnasia, a church and a square (plateia).

Division of the former municipality

  • Eresos / Δ.δ. Ερεσού [ 1.581 ]
  • Antissa / Δ.δ. Αντίσσης [ 1.340 ]
  • Vatoussa / Δ.δ. Βατούσσης [ 570 ]
  • Mesotopos / Δ.δ. Μεσοτόπου [ 1.039 ]
  • Pterounta / Δ.δ. Πτερούντος -- η Πτερούντα [ 150 ]
  • Sigri / Δ.δ. Σιγρίου [ 402 ]
    • Sigri / το Σίγρι [ 402 ]
    • Megalonisi (island) / το Μεγαλονήσι (νησίδα) [ 0 ]
  • Chidira / Δ.δ. Χιδήρων -- τα Χίδηρα [ 448 ]

Historical population

Year Population Municipal population
1981 1494 -
1991 1247
2001 1096 5530


Mapquest - Eressos, street map not yet available

Coordinates: 39° 10′ 7″ N 25° 55′ 53″ E

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