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Apollo-Temple [Source]

Didyma was an ancient Greek city, located in today Turkey, near the modern village of Yenihisar (Yoran) near the town of Söke in the province of Aydýn. Just outside of Didyma was the sanctuary containing a temple and oracle of Apollo. It was a neighbor of Miletus, to which it was connected only by sea, and those arriving by ship would land at the harbor of Panormus and follow the Sacred Way to Didyma.

Medusa head [Source]

Until its destruction by the Persians in 494 BC, Didyma's sanctuary it was administered by the family of the Branchidae, the descendants of Bronchos, a youth beloved of Apollo. For the last two kilometers of its length the Sacred Way was lined with the seated statues of members of the Branchidae family, male and female.

After his capture of Miletus in 334 B. C. Alexander the Great placed the administration of the oracle in the hands of the city.

Apollo Temple, Didyma

Apollo Temple, Didyma, Reconstruction

Lion Sculpture

Apollo Temple in Didyma, the size of various elements are expressed by ratios of integer numbers from Platonic Pythagorean ideas

Didyma: Apollo's Oracle, cult, and companions, Joseph Eddy Fontenrose


Didyma Perseus

Quicktime Virtual Reality Didyma

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