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Poios Thanas(s)is (Greek: Ποιος Θανάσης, Which Thanassis) is a 1969 Greek drama film directed and written by Thanassis Vengos and starring himself, Anna Fonsou and Vangelos Ploios. This movie made the debut of Emilia Ipsilandi.


Thanassis Trikorfos (Thanassis Vengos), is a polite and compassionate electrical goods dealer, who helped many other people when they were in difficulties. Once, he went to the shop where the graceful Stella (Anna Fonsou) worked (her card player friend Alekos (Vangelos Ploios) dissipated whatever she was able to earn). Thanassis became unhappy, he fell in love and was therefore happy again. He sighed over Stella, and even though his love was not declared, he was fearful about what she would do.

As the benevolent and gullible Thanassis learned to tie and it appointed, the hurtful heart that lighterend and rebelled. From that shopowner he became wayward, imperically and a customer.

In between the two (Takis Miliadis and Giorgos Velentzas) attempted to pressure as they work and arguably with the people mainly Margaret Koraki (Emilia Ipsilandi), with late scope that they ate the shop.

Stella which she heard luckily and asked to leard about the rib, they prepared in order to receive the good friends, shooked and disregarded to always vanish their plans in a final moment. Without that reason, they got disappointed and the lover was for Thanassi ...

The movie reunites the comical laughs and the emotional part and ends with a happy end.


Thanassis Vengos
Anna Fonsou
Vangelos Ploios
Giorgios Velentzas
Nasos Kedrakas
Nitsa Marouda
Sasa Kazelli
Emilia Ipsilandi
Takis Miliadis
Giorgos Tzifos
Stavros Xenidis
Rena Paschalidou
Keti Sigala

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