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Molis horisa is a 2008 Greek comedy film directed by Nikos Perakis, starring Zeta Makripoulia and Giannis Tsimitselis.


The theme of the film is the break-up of a couple, namely Ilektra (Zeta Makripoulia) and Petros (Giannis Tsimitselis) on the former's birthday in modern-day Athens in Greece. The break-up occurs by Petros leaving a message on Ilektra's answering machine asking her to break up with him. The message is overheard by Ilektra's friends who are currently in her apartment preparing a surprise birthday party for her. They decide to hide the truth from her until after the party. What follows is a series of misunderstandings between Ilektra and her friends: Mary, Dimitris (Mary's boyfriend),Lou, Mitsos and her mother. The situation is further perplexed by Vittor, a Spaniard and Lou's chance acquaintance, an uninvited tapperwoman,Titika Karlatira, and a pizza-boy.


Zeta Makripoulia
Giannis Tsimitselis
Sissi Christidou
Maria Bakodimou
Giorgos Karamixos
Anna Monogiou

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