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Griechische Kunst: Aphrodite von Melos

Part 2

Max Ernst, At eye level. A proof of the beauty of mathematics.


Aphrodite of Milo in a work of Salvador Dali, The Hallucinogenic Torreador, with multiple hidden images. It primarily focuses on the torreador (bull-fighter), whose face is hidden within the repeated representation of the Venus de Milo. The upper portion of the painting contains the bull-fighter's arena, again surrounded by multiple images of the goddess. There is also a hidden image of the bull in the lower left quadrant of the painting (drinking water from a pool), and an image of a boy (possibly a self-portrait as a child, as his clothing represents the approximate time period of his boyhood). (Information from http://www.eyeconart.net/history/surrealism.htm )

Salvador Dali, Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936

Salvador Dali, The Face 1972

Drawing of Venus of Milos from the book by Marcellus, Marie-Louis J.A. Ch. du Tyrac, Souvenirs de l?Orient, Paris 1839 (Gennadius Library, Athens)

Paul Carus. The Venus of Milo: An Archaeological Study of the Goddess of Womanhood. The Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago/London, 1916. Page 33.A proposed reconstruction of Venus de Milo by Adolf Furtwaengler.

Venus of Milos: What was she doing with her arms?

1964 Venus de Milo sculpture in Japan, a spectacular success. More than 1 million visitors see the sculpture. A nightclub offers a show , "Aphrodite under her clothes"

Venus de Milo from a Souvenir Market in Athens

Venus de Milo in Film and popular culture

Venus de Milo in Comics: Marvel Comics : Venus Dee Milo member of the mutant superhero group X-Statix

Venus de Milo, in The Simpsons

Venus de Milo in the film The Dreamers of Bernardo Bertolucci (a censored version)

That which Grecian art created,
Let the Frank, with joy elated,
Bear to Seine's triumphant strand,
And in his museums glorious
Show the trophies all-victorious
To his wondering fatherland.

They to him are silent ever,
Into life's fresh circle never
From their pedestals come down.
He alone e'er holds the Muses
Through whose breast their power diffuses,?
To the Vandal they're but stone!
Friedrich Schiller, THE ANTIQUES AT PARIS.

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