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Anna Angelina was a daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius III Angelus and of Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamaterina.

Her first marriage was to Isaac Comnenus Sebastocrator, a great-nephew of the emperor Manuel I Comnenus. They had one daughter, Theodora Angelina. Soon after Anna's father became emperor, in 1195, Isaac Comnenus was dispatched to combat the Vlach-Bulgarian Rebellion. He was captured, became a pawn between rival Bulgarian and Vlach factions, and died in chains.

Her second marriage to Theodore Lascaris, eventually emperor of Nicaea, was celebrated in a double wedding in early 1200 (the other couple was Anna's sister Irene and Alexius Palaeologus). Anna and Theodore had three daughters and two sons:

  1. Irene (Eirene), who married (1) general Andronicus Palaeologus; (2) John Vatatzes, emperor of Nicaea
  2. Maria (married King Bela IV of Hungary)
  3. Eudocia (Evdokia)
  4. Nicholas (Nikolaos)
  5. John (Ioannes)


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