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The Fall of Man. Titian

1550, oil on canvas, 240 × 186 cm (94.5 × 73.2 in)
Madrid, Museo del Prado

The Fall of Man, Adam and Eve or Adam and Eve in the earthly paradise

1st floor, room 25
Accession number P00429
Object history Colección Real (Palacio Real Nuevo, Madrid, primera sala de la Furriera, 1747, nº 10; Palacio Real Nuevo, Madrid, antecámara de su Majestad, 1772, nº 10; Palacio Real Nuevo, Madrid, antecámara, 1794, nº 10; Palacio Real, Madrid, antecámara, 1814-1818, nº 10).


Sündenfall. Tizian

um 1550, Öl auf Leinwand, 240 × 186 cm
Madrid, Museo del Prado


. Τιτσιάνο

Μουσείο του Πράδο, Μαδρίτη,


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The Fall of Man is a painting of the fall of man by the Venetian artist Titian, dating to around 1550 and now in the Prado in Madrid. It is influenced by Raphael's Stanza della Signatura in the Vatican and Albrecht Dürer's engraving Adam and Eve. Owned at one point by Antonio Pérez, in 1585 it entered the Spanish royal collection, where it was copied by Rubens between 1628 and 1629 for his own version of the subject.
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(Polish) Patrick de Rynck: Jak czytać opowieści biblijne i mitologiczne w sztuce. Wyd. Universitas, Kraków 2008, ISBN 97883-242-0903-3

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