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Lukas Furtenagel,

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Portrait Sketch of the Dead Martin Luther

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The painter Hans Burgkmair and his wife Anna, born in 1529 Allerlei


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Lukas Furtenagel, (1505–1546) was a German painter.

Lukas Furtenagel had the impression of art on him at a very early age, being a member of a family of artists. He was born and grew up in Augsburg, where he was a protege of Hans Burgkmair.[1]

Furtenagel began a painting apprenticeship at age 10. He worked after he left Augsburg in the workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder. He won a competition award in 1546 right after his return to Augsburg. In the same year he recorded Martin Luther's deathbed. He is known to have done a double portrait of his older colleague and Master Hans Burgkmair and his wife in 1527 (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna).[2]

Portrait of Martin Luther

One of Furtenagel's most enduring and popular work was the portrait of Martin Luther he painted after the latter's death on 18 February 1546 in Eisleben. Furtenagel painted Luther's body twice, first on the 18th and then again the following day. Only one of those paintings, however, survives.[1]
Painting of Martin Luther by Furtenagel.


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