Ο Φέρντιναντ Χόντλερ (Ferdinand Hodler, Βέρνη 1853 - Γενεύη 1918) ήταν Ελβετός ζωγράφος. Τα πιο γνωστά έργα του, χάρη στα οποία θεωρείται ένας από τους γνωστότερους ζωγράφους του 19ου αιώνα στην Ελβετία, απεικονίζουν ανθρώπους σε καθημερινές δραστηριότητες. Δυο από τα έργα του χρησιμοποιήθηκαν σε ελβετικά χαρτονομίσματα του 1911.

Ferdinand Hodler

The Angry Warrior

Lake Champfer

Landscape of the Swiss Alps

Students of Jena

The Chosen One

Lake Geneva from Chexbres

Lake Geneva from Chexbres

The Day

The night

Young freedom fighter

Women Walking

Portrait of Berthe Jacques, Wife of the Artist

Portrait of Louise-Delphine Duchosal

Portrait of General Ulrich Wille

A Troubled Soul

Aare Gorge

Evening mist on Thunersee

Adoration (III)


At the foot of Petit Saleve

At the foot of Petit Saleve

At the foot of Saleve

On the banks of the Manzanares


View of Fromberghorn from Reichenbach


At the Foot of Mt. Saleve

Rising mist over the Savoy Alps

Autumn Evening

Tree at Lake Brienz seen from Bodeli

Trees in the studio garden

At the Jonction

Mountain stream in Beatenberg

Mountain stream in Champery

Portrait of Berthe Jacques, Wife of the Artist

Portrait of a young woman

Portrait of Georges Navazza

Portrait of Gertrud Mueller

Portrait of James Vibert

Portrait of Laetitia Raviola

Portrait of Madame de R

Portrait of Mathias Morhardt

Portrait of Willy Russ

View into Infinity

Caux Landscape with Rising Clouds

Charlet in Hilterfingen

Cherry Tree in Bloom

Communication with Infinity

The prayer in the cathedral Saint-Pierre in Geneva,

The prayer in the cathedral Saint-Pierre in Geneva

Dents du Midi in Clouds

The Aare canal near Thun

The Angler

The Lake Geneva from Chexbres

The Lake Geneva from Lausanne

The Reaper

The pastor

The bull

Sunset on Lake Geneva

Surprised by the Storm

Landscape in Ticino

The Angry One

The Beech Forest

The Breithorn

The Convalescent

The Dream

The Dying Valentine Gode-Darel

The Fir Tree

The Forest Interior near Reichenbach

The Good Samaritan

The Grand Muveran

The Lauterbrunner Breithorn I

The Nut Tree

The Reaper

The Sick Valentine Gode-Darel

Lake Thun with Stockhornkette in Winter

Lake Thun, Symmetric reflection

Lake Thun

Tired of Life

The Turner Banquet

Valentine Gode Darel with loose hair

View into Infinity

View of Lake Geneva from Saint-Prex

Forest with a mountain stream

Forest brook near Champery

Willow tree by the lake

Pastures at the Jonction at Geneva


Delighted woman

The Sensation

The Source

Truth II

View to Infinity

Επιλογή έργων

Die Nacht, 1889 (Η νύχτα). Βέρνη, Kunstmuseum
Der Tag, 1900 (Η μέρα). Βέρνη, Kunstmuseum
Die Lebensmüden, 1892 (Οι κουρασμένοι της ζωής). Μόναχο, Neue Pinakothek
Der Auserwählte, 1903 (Ο εκλεκτός). Χάγκεν, Osthaus-Museum


Εγκυκλοπαίδεια Ελβετίας


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