Reports on Progress in Physics is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by IOP Publishing. The editor-in-chief as of 2015 is Gordon Baym (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign).[1][2][3]


The focus of this journal is invited review articles covering all branches of physics. Each review will typically survey and critique a particular topic, or developments in a field. Introductions of articles are intended for a broad readership, beyond the specialist or expert. In addition to the traditional review article two other formats are available: Reports on Progress (about 20 pages) and Key Issues Reviews (about 10 pages).[3]
Abstracting and indexing

Reports on Progress in Physics is abstracted and indexed in the following databases:[4]

Astrophysics Data System
Chemical Abstracts Service
Current Contents/Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences
INIS Atomindex
Referativnyi Zhurnal
Science Citation Index


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