Abmho or absiemens is a unit of electrical conductance in the centimetre gram second (emu-cgs) system of units. It's equal to gigasiemens (inverse of nano-ohm).[1]

The emu-cgs units are one of several systems of electromagnetic units within the centimetre gram second system of units; others include esu-cgs, Gaussian units, and Lorentz–Heaviside units. In these other systems, the abmho is not one of the units.


Graf, Rudolf (1999). Modern Dictionary of Electronics (Seventh ed.). Wobrun, MA: Newness.

CGS units
Base units

centimetre gram second

Derived non EM units

barye dyne erg gal kelvin poise phot stilb

Derived EMU units

abampere abcoulomb abhenry abmho abohm abvolt biot gauss gilbert maxwell oersted

Derived ESU units

statcoulomb statmho statohm statvolt

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