163 and Ramanujan Constant

3 is everywhere


42 is the new 33


63 and -7/4 are special


5-Sided Square

5040 and other Anti-Prime Numbers

78557 and Proth Primes

998,001 and its Mysterious Recurring Decimals

A Breakthrough in Graph Theory

A Hole in a Hole in a Hole

A Miraculous Proof (Ptolemy's Theorem)

A New Discovery about Dodecahedrons

A Strange Map Projection (Euler Spiral)

A Surprising Pi and 5

All the Numbers

Amazing Graphs

Approximating Irrational Numbers

Base 12

Beautiful Trigonometry

Chaos Game

Collatz Conjecture in Color

Do numbers EXIST?

e (Euler's Number)

Encryption and HUGE numbers

Epic Circles

Euclid's Big Problem

Euler Squares

Fantastic Quaternions

Fibonacci Mystery

Flaw in the Enigma Code

Fold and Cut Theorem

Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Funny Fractions and Ford Circles


Glitch Primes and Cyclops Numbers

Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem

Hat Problems

Heesch Numbers and Tiling

How did the NSA hack our emails?

How many chess games are possible?

Impossible Squares

Kissing Numbers

Liar Numbers

Matrix Factorization

Number 1 and Benford's Law

Parker Square

Pentagons and the Golden Ratio

Perfect Shapes in Higher Dimensions

Poincaré Conjecture

Poncelet's Porism

Primes without a 7

Problems with Zero

Reynolds Number

Riemann Hypothesis

Root 2


Space-Filling Curves

Spheres and Code Words

Squaring the Circle

Squaring Primes

Strange Spheres in Higher Dimensions

Tentacles Akimbo

Terrific Toothpick Patterns

The Amazing Heptadecagon (17-gon)

The Archimedes Number

The Best Way to Pack Spheres

The Daddy of Big Numbers (Rayo's Number)

The Feigenbaum Constant (4.669)

The Four Color Map Theorem

The Golden Ratio (why it is so irrational)

The Hope Diamond

The Josephus Problem

The mystery of 0.577

The Opposite of Infinity

The Problem with 7825

The problem in Good Will Hunting

The Seven Bridges of Königsberg

The Six Triperfect Numbers

The Slightly Spooky Recamán Sequence

The Three Square Geometry Problem

The Uncracked Problem with 33

The Useless Number

Transcendental Numbers

Tribonacci Numbers (and the Rauzy Fractal)

Twin Prime Conjecture

UNCRACKABLE? The Collatz Conjecture

Unexpected Shapes

What is Graham's Number?

What's special about 277777788888899?

Zeno's Paradox

Zero Factorial


Irrational Roots

Ramanujan's infinite root and its crazy cousins

The fabulous Fibonacci flower formula

The Kakeya needle problem

Toroflux paradox


A Breakthrough in Higher Dimensional Spheres

A Hierarchy of Infinities

Dissecting Hypercubes with Pascal's Triangle

The Devil's Staircase

The Mathematics of Quantum Computers

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Graduate Studies in Mathematics

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