The London Mathematical Society (LMS) is one of the United Kingdom's learned societies for mathematics (the others being the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)).

De Morgan House

The Society was established on 16 January 1865, the first president being Augustus De Morgan. The earliest meetings were held in University College, but the Society soon moved into Burlington House, Piccadilly. The initial activities of the Society included talks and publication of a journal.

The LMS was used as a model for the establishment of the American Mathematical Society in 1888.

The Society was granted a royal charter in 1965, a century after its foundation. In 1998 the Society moved from rooms in Burlington House into De Morgan House (named after the society's first president), at 57–58 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, to accommodate an expansion of its staff. The Society is also a member of the UK Science Council.

Membership is open to all members of the public who are interested in mathematics. Currently, there are three classes of membership, namely: (a) ordinary, (b) reciprocal, and (c) associate.[1]
Proposal for unification with the IMA

On 4 July 2008, the Joint Planning Group for the LMS and IMA proposed a merger of two societies to form a single, unified society. The proposal was the result of eight years of consultations and the councils of both societies commended the report to their members.[2] Those in favour of the merger argued a single society would give mathematics in the UK a coherent voice when dealing with Research Councils.[3] While accepted by the IMA membership, the proposal was rejected by the LMS membership on 29 May 2009 by 591 to 458 (56% to 44%).[4]

The Society publishes books and periodicals; organizes mathematical conferences; provides funding to promote mathematics research and education; and awards a number of prizes and fellowships for excellence in mathematical research.

The Society's periodical publications include five journals:

Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society[5]
Journal of the London Mathematical Society[6]
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society[7]
Transactions of the London Mathematical Society[8]
Journal of Topology

It also publishes the journal Compositio Mathematica on behalf of its owning foundation, Mathematika on behalf of University College London and copublishes Nonlinearity with the Institute of Physics.

It also co-publishes four series of translations: Russian Mathematical Surveys, Izvestiya: Mathematics and Sbornik: Mathematics (jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences and Turpion), and Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society (jointly with the American Mathematical Society).


The Society publishes two book series, the LMS Lecture Notes and LMS Student Texts.

Previously it published a series of Monographs and (jointly with the American Mathematical Society) the History of Mathematics series.

An electronic journal, the LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics ceased publication at the end of 2017.

The named prizes are:

De Morgan Medal (triennial) — the most prestigious
Pólya Prize (two years out of three)
Louis Bachelier Prize (biennial)
Senior Berwick Prize
Senior Whitehead Prize (biennial)
Naylor Prize and Lectureship
Berwick Prize
Anne Bennett Prize
Senior Anne Bennett Prize
Fröhlich Prize (biennial)
Shephard Prize
Whitehead Prize (annual)

In addition, the Society jointly with the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications awards the David Crighton Medal and Christopher Zeeman Medal on alternating years.[9]
List of presidents

1865–1866 Augustus De Morgan
1866–1868 James Joseph Sylvester
1868–1870 Arthur Cayley
1870–1872 William Spottiswoode
1872–1874 Thomas Archer Hirst
1874–1876 Henry John Stephen Smith
1876–1878 Lord Rayleigh
1878–1880 Charles Watkins Merrifield
1880–1882 Samuel Roberts
1882–1884 Olaus Henrici
1884–1886 James Whitbread Lee Glaisher
1886–1888 James Cockle
1888–1890 John James Walker
1890–1892 Alfred George Greenhill
1892–1894 Alfred Kempe
1894–1896 Percy Alexander MacMahon
1896–1898 Edwin Elliott
1898–1900 William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin
1900–1902 E. W. Hobson
1902–1904 Horace Lamb
1904–1906 Andrew Forsyth
1906–1908 William Burnside
1908–1910 William Davidson Niven
1910–1912 H. F. Baker
1912–1914 Augustus Edward Hough Love
1914–1916 Joseph Larmor
1916–1918 Hector Macdonald
1918–1920 John Edward Campbell
1920–1922 Herbert Richmond
1922–1924 William Henry Young
1924–1926 Arthur Lee Dixon
1926–1928 G. H. Hardy
1928–1929 E. T. Whittaker
1929–1931 Sydney Chapman
1931–1933 Alfred Cardew Dixon
1933–1935 G. N. Watson
1935–1937 George Barker Jeffery
1937–1939 Edward Arthur Milne
1939–1941 G. H. Hardy
1941–1943 John Edensor Littlewood
1943–1945 L. J. Mordell
1945–1947 Edward Charles Titchmarsh
1947–1949 W. V. D. Hodge
1949–1951 Max Newman
1951–1953 George Frederick James Temple
1953–1955 J. H. C. Whitehead
1955–1957 Philip Hall
1957–1959 Harold Davenport
1959–1961 Hans Heilbronn
1961–1963 Mary Cartwright
1963–1965 Arthur Geoffrey Walker
1965–1967 Graham Higman
1967–1969 J. A. Todd
1969–1970 Edward Collingwood
1970–1972 Claude Ambrose Rogers
1972–1974 David George Kendall
1974–1976 Michael Atiyah
1976–1978 J. W. S. Cassels
1978–1980 C. T. C. Wall
1980–1982 Barry Johnson
1982–1984 Paul Cohn
1984–1986 Ioan James
1986–1988 Erik Christopher Zeeman
1988–1990 John H. Coates
1990–1992 John Kingman
1992–1994 John Ringrose
1994–1996 Nigel Hitchin
1996–1998 John M. Ball
1998–2000 Martin J. Taylor
2000–2002 Trevor Stuart
2002–2003 Peter Goddard
2003–2005 Frances Kirwan
2005–2007 John Toland
2007–2009 E. Brian Davies
2009 (interim) John M. Ball
2009–2011 Angus Macintyre
2011–2013 Graeme Segal[10]
2013–2015 Terry Lyons
2015–2017 Simon Tavaré
2017–2019 Caroline Series
2019–2021 Jonathan Keating[11]

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