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This is a list of possibly nonassociative algebras. An algebra is a module, wherein you can also multiply two module elements. (The multiplication in the module is compatible with multiplication-by-scalars from the base ring).

Akivis algebra
Algebra for a monad
Albert algebra
Alternative algebra
Azumaya algebra
Banach algebra
Birman–Wenzl algebra
Boolean algebra
Borcherds algebra
Brauer algebra
Central simple algebra
Clifford algebra
Cluster algebra
Dendriform algebra
Differential graded algebra
Differential graded Lie algebra
Exterior algebra
Filtered algebra
Flexible algebra
Freudenthal algebra
Genetic algebra
Geometric algebra
Gerstenhaber algebra
Graded algebra
Griess algebra
Group algebra[disambiguation needed]
Hall algebra
Hecke algebra of a locally compact group
Heyting algebra
Hopf algebra
Hurwitz algebra
Hypercomplex algebra
Incidence algebra
Iwahori–Hecke algebra
Jordan algebra
Kac–Moody algebra
Kleene algebra
Leibniz algebra
Lie algebra
Lie superalgebra
Malcev algebra
Non-associative algebra
Octonion algebra
Pre-Lie algebra
Poisson algebra
Process algebra
Quadratic algebra
Quaternion algebra
Rees algebra
Relation algebra
Relational algebra
Schur algebra
Semisimple algebra
Separable algebra
Shuffle algebra
Simple algebra
Structurable algebra
Supercommutative algebra
Symmetric algebra
Tensor algebra
Universal enveloping algebra
Vertex operator algebra
von Neumann algebra
Zinbiel algebra

This is a list of fields of algebra.

Linear algebra
Homological algebra
Universal algebra

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