The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal covering research in combinatorial mathematics. The journal was established in 1994 by Herbert Wilf (University of Pennsylvania) and Neil Calkin (Georgia Institute of Technology).[1][2][3] The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics is a founding member of the Free Journal Network. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal had a 2017 impact factor of 0.762.[4]


The current editors-in-chief are:

Maria Axenovich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Miklós Bóna, University of Florida, United States
Julia Böttcher, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
Richard A. Brualdi, University of Wisconsin, Madison, United States
Rod Canfield, University of Georgia, United States
Eric Fusy, CNRS/LIX, École Polytechnique, France
Catherine Greenhill, UNSW Sydney, Australia
Brendan McKay, Australian National University, Australia
Bojan Mohar, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Marc Noy, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
Greta Panova, University of Southern California, United States
Bruce Sagan, Michigan State University, United States
Paco Santos, University of Cantabria, Spain
Maya Stein, University of Chile, Chile
Edwin van Dam, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Ian Wanless, Monash University, Australia
David Wood, Monash University, Australia
Qing Xiang, University of Delaware, United States

Since 2013, one of the editors-in-chief has been designated the Chief Editorial Officer. The present officer is Richard Brualdi.

The following people have been editors-in-chief of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics:

Herbert Wilf (1994–2001)
Fan Chung Graham (2000–2002)
Peter Cameron (2001–2003)
Carsten Thomassen (2002–2013)
Richard Ehrenborg (2003–2004)
Chris Godsil (2004–2008)
Willem Haemers (2008–2013)
Catherine Yan (2010–2013)
József Solymosi (2013–2015)
David Conlon (2015–2020)
Svante Linusson (2015–2020)

Dynamic surveys

In addition to publishing normal articles, the journal also contains a class of articles called Dynamic Surveys that are not assigned to volumes and can be repeatedly updated by the authors.[5]
Open access

Since its inception, the journal has been diamond-model open access, charging no fees to either authors or readers.

Since its inception, the journal has left copyright of all published material with its authors. Instead, authors provide the journal with an irrevocable licence to publish and agree that any further publication of the material acknowledges the journal.[6] Since 2018, authors are strongly encouraged to release their articles under a Creative Commons license.

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Dynamic Surveys
Copyright notice

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