The Carl B. Allendoerfer Award is presented annually by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) for "expository excellence published in Mathematics Magazine."[1] it is named after mathematician Carl B. Allendoerfer who was president of the MAA 1959–60.[2]

Recipients of the Carl B. Allendoerfer Award have included:[3][4]

Recipient Year Article
William Dunham 2019 The Early (and Peculiar) History of the Möbius Function
Jordan Bell and Viktor Blåsjö 2019 Pietro Mengoli’s 1650 Proof that the Harmonic Series Diverges
Fumiko Futamura and Robert Lehr 2018 A New Perspective on Finding the Viewpoint
Brian Conrey, James Gabbard, Katie Grant, Andrew Liu, and Kent Morrison 2017 Intransitive Dice
Vladimir Pozdnyakov and Michael Steele 2017 Buses, Bullies, and Bijections
Julia Barnes, Clinton Curry, Elizabeth Russell, and Lisbeth Schaubroeck 2016 Emerging Julia Sets
Irl Bivens and Ben Klein 2016 The Median Value of a Continuous Function
Daniel Heath 2015 Straightedge and Compass Constructions in Spherical Geometry
Andrew Beveridge and Stan Wagon 2015 The Sorting Hat Goes to College
Sally Cockburn and Joshua Lesperance 2014 Deranged Socks
Susan Marshall and Donald Smith 2014 Feedback, Control, and Distribution of Prime Numbers
Khristo N. Boyadzhiev 2013 Close Encounters with the Stirling Numbers of the Second Kind
Adrian Rice and Ezra A. Brown 2013 Why Ellipses Are Not Elliptic Curves
P. Mark Kayll 2012 Integrals Don't Have Anything to Do with Discrete Math, Do They?
John A. Adam 2012 Blood Vessel Branching: Beyond the Standard Calculus Problem
Curtis D. Bennett, Blake Mellor, and Patrick Shanahan 2011 Drawing a Triangle on the Thurston Model of Hyperbolic Space
Gene Abrams and Jessica Sklar 2011 The Graph Menagerie: Abstract Algebra and the Mad Veterinarian
David Speyer and Bernd Sturmfels 2010 Tropical Mathematics
Ezra Brown and Keith Mellinger 2010 Kirkman's Schoolgirls Wearing Hats and Walking Through Fields of Numbers
Jeff Suzuki 2009 A Brief History of Impossibility
Vesna Stojanoska and Orlin Stoytchev 2009 Touching the Z2 in Three-Dimensional Rotations
Chris Christensen 2009 Polish Mathematicians Finding Patterns in Enigma Messages
Eugene Boman, Richard Brazier, and Derek Seiple 2008 Mom! There's an Astroid in My Closet!
Saul Stahl 2008 The Evolution of the Normal Distribution
Carl V. Lutzer 2007 Hammer Juggling, Rotational Instability, and Eigenvalues
Jeff Suzuki 2006 The Lost Calculus (1637-1670): Tangency and Optimization without Limits
Robb T. Koether and John K. Osinach, Jr. 2006 Outwitting the Lying Oracle
Roger B. Eggleton and William P. Galvin 2005 Upper Bounds on the Sum of Principal Divisors of an Integer
Charles I. Delman and Gregory Galperin 2004 A Tale of Three Circles
Ezra Brown 2003 The Many Names of (7,3,1)
Dan Kalman 2003 Doubly Recursive Multivariate Automatic Differentiation
Mark McKinzie and Curtis Tuckey 2002 Higher Trigonometry, Hyperreal Numbers, and Euler's Analysis of Infinities
James N. Brawner 2001 Dinner, Dancing, and Tennis, Anyone?
Raphael Falk Jones and Janice L. Pearce 2001 A Postmodern View of Fractions and the Reciprocals of Fermat Primes
Donald Teets and Karen Whitehead 2000 The Discovery of Ceres: How Gauss Became Famous
Donald G. Saari and Fabrice Valognes 1999 Geometry, Voting, and Paradoxes
Victor Klee and John R. Reay 1999 A Surprising but Easily Proved Geometric Decomposition Theorem
Dan Kalman, Robert Mena, and Shahriar Shahriari 1998 Variations on an Irrational Theme-Geometry, Dynamics, Algebra
Lin Tan 1997 The Group of Rational Points on the Unit Circle
Colm Mulcahy 1997 Plotting and Scheming with Wavelets
Daniel J. Velleman and Gregory S. Call 1996 Permutations and Combination Locks
Judith Grabiner 1996 Descartes and Problem-Solving
Tristan Needham 1995 The Geometry of Harmonic Functions
Lee Badgett 1995 Lazzarini's Lucky Approximation of pi
Joan P. Hutchinson 1994 Coloring Ordinary Maps, Maps of Empires, and Maps of the Moon
Xun-Cheng Huang 1993 From Intermediate Value Theorem to Chaos
David Logothetti 1992 Cube Slices, Pictorial Triangles, and Probability
Israel Kleiner 1992 Rigor and Proof in Mathematics: A Historical Perspective
Gulbank D. Chakerian 1992 Cube Slices, Pictorial Triangles, and Probability
Ranjan Roy 1991 The Discovery of the Series Formula for π by Leibniz, Gregory, and Nilakantha
Ronald L. Graham 1990
Martin Gardner 1990
Fan Chung 1990 Steiner Trees on a Checkerboard
Thomas Archibald 1990 Connectivity and Smoke-Rings: Green's Second Identity in Its First Fifty Years
Kenneth C. Millett 1989
W.B. Raymond Lickorish 1989 The New Polynomial Invariants of Knots and Links
Judith Grabiner 1989 The Centrality of Mathematics in the History of Western Thought
Steven Galovich 1988 Products of Sines and Cosines
Bart Braden 1988 Pólya's Geometric Picture of Complex Contour Integrals
Paul Zorn 1987 The Bieberbach Conjecture
Israel Kleiner 1987 The Evolution of Group Theory: A Brief Survey
Saul Stahl 1986 The Other Map Coloring Theorem
Bart Braden 1986 Design of an Oscillating Sprinkler
Philip D. Straffin, Jr. 1985 Parliamentary Coalitions: A Tour of Models
Bernard Grofman 1985
Frederick S. Gass 1985 Constructive Ordinal Notation Systems
Judith Grabiner 1984 The Changing Concept of Change: The Derivative from Fermat to Weierstrass
Clifford Wagner 1983 A Generic Approach to Iterative Methods
Donald Koehler 1983 Mathematics and Literature
Marjorie Senechal 1982 Which Tetrahedra Fill Space?
J. Ian Richards 1982 Continued Fractions without Tears
Donald E. Sanderson 1981 Advanced Plane Topology from an Elementary Standpoint
Stephen B. Maurer 1981 The King Chicken Theorems
Ernst Snapper 1980 The Three Crises in Mathematics: Logicism, Intuitionism, and Formalism
Victor Klee 1980 Some Unsolved Problems in Plane Geometry
Doris Schattschneider 1979 Tiling the Plane with Congruent Pentagons
Bruce C. Berndt 1979 Ramanujan's Notebooks
David A. Smith 1978 Human Population Growth: Stability or Explosion?
Geoffrey C. Shephard 1978 Tilings by Regular Polygons
Branko Grünbaum 1978
B.L. van der Waerden 1977 Hamilton's Discovery of Quaternions
Joseph A. Gallian 1977 The Search for Finite Simple Groups

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