The Andrei Borisovich Vistelius Research Award[1] is given to a young scientist for promising contributions in research in the application of mathematics or informatics in any field of the earth sciences by the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG).[2][3] A recipient must be 35 years or younger at the end of the calendar year for which he or she has been selected for the award. This award is named after Andrei Borisovich Vistelius, and was established in 1981.

Source: IMAG

1981 John M. Cubitt
1982 Stephen Henley and William E. Full
1983 Brian Jones
1984 Michel Rabinowicz
1985 Georges Verly
1986 Marek Kacewicz
1987 James R. Carr
1988 Andrew R. Solow
1989 Olivier Dubrule
1990 Guocheng Pan
1991 George Christakos
1992 Ute C. Herzfeld
1993 R. Mohan Srivastava
1994 Clayton V. Deutsch
1995 Qiuming Cheng
1997 Gerardus J. Weltje
1999 Pierre Goovaerts
2001 Jef Caers
2003 Karl Gerald van den Boogaart
2005 Sebastien Strebelle
2007 Raimon Tolosana-Delgado
2009 Guillaume Caumon
2011 Olena Babak
2013 Gregoire Mariethoz
2015 Xiaogang (Marshall) Ma
2017 Pejman Tahmasebi
2019 Alessandra Menafoglio ; Wenlei Wang

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