In mathematics, especially several complex variables, an analytic polyhedron is a subset of the complex space Cn of the form

\( {\displaystyle P=\{z\in D:|f_{j}(z)|<1,\;\;1\leq j\leq N\}} \)

where D is a bounded connected open subset of Cn,\( f_{j} \) are holomorphic on D and P is assumed to be relatively compact in D.[1] If \( f_{j}\) above are polynomials, then the set is called a polynomial polyhedron. Every analytic polyhedron is a domain of holomorphy and it is thus pseudo-convex.

The boundary of an analytic polyhedron is contained in the union of the set of hypersurfaces

\( {\displaystyle \sigma _{j}=\{z\in D:|f_{j}(z)|=1\},\;1\leq j\leq N.} \)

An analytic polyhedron is a Weil polyhedron, or Weil domain if the intersection of any k of the above hypersurfaces has dimension no greater than 2n-k.[2]

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