In mathematics, particularly in algebraic topology, Alexander–Spanier cohomology is a cohomology theory for topological spaces.


It was introduced by James W. Alexander (1935) for the special case of compact metric spaces, and by Edwin H. Spanier (1948) for all topological spaces, based on a suggestion of Alexander D. Wallace.

If X is a topological space and G is an abelian group, then there is a cochain complex C whose p-th term \( {\displaystyle C^{p}} \) is the set of all functions from \( {\displaystyle X^{p+1}} \) to G with differential \( {\displaystyle d\colon C^{p}\to C^{p+1}} \) given by

\( df(x_{0},\ldots ,x_{p})=\sum _{i}(-1)^{i}f(x_{0},\ldots ,x_{{i-1}},x_{{i+1}},\ldots ,x_{p}). \)

It has a subcomplex \( C_{0} \) of functions that vanish in a neighborhood of the diagonal. The Alexander–Spanier cohomology groups \( {\displaystyle H^{p}(X,G)} \) are defined to be the cohomology groups of the quotient complex \( C/C_0 \).


It is also possible to define Alexander–Spanier homology (Massey 1978) and Alexander–Spanier cohomology with compact supports (Bredon 1997).
Connection to other cohomologies

The Alexander–Spanier cohomology groups coincide with Čech cohomology groups for compact Hausdorff spaces, and coincide with singular cohomology groups for locally finite complexes.
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