The Adrien Pouliot Award is presented annually by the Canadian Mathematical Society. The award is presented to individuals or teams in recognition of significant contributions to mathematics education in Canada. The inaugural award was presented in 1995. Persons and teams that are nominated for the award will have their applications considered for a period of three years.[1] The award is named in honor of Canadian mathematician Adrien Pouliot. It should be distinguished with a different but similarly-named award, the Adrien Pouliot Prize of the Mathematical Association of Québec.

Recipients of the Adrien Pouliot Award

Source: Canadian Mathematical Society

2018 Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC)
2017 Richard Hoshino
2016 Donald Violette
2015 Mark Mac Lean
2014 Frédéric Gourdeau
2013 John Grant McLoughlin
2012 Melania Alvarez
2011 Malgorzata Dubiel
2010 Miroslav Lovric
2009 Walter Whiteley
2008 J. Harley Weston
2007 Richard Nowakowski
2006 Peter Taylor
2005 Katherine Heinrich
2004 Jean-Marie De Koninck
2003 Andy Liu
2002 Not Awarded
2001 George Bluman
2000 Bernard Courteau
1999 Eric Muller
1998 Bernard R. Hodgson
1997 Ronald Scoins
1997 Ronald Dunkley
1997 Donald Attridge
1997 Ed Anderson
1996 Bruce Shawyer
1995 Edward J. Barbeau

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