A Passage to Infinity : Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact [1] is a book by George Gheverghese Joseph chronicling the social and mathematical origins of the Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics. The book discusses the highlights of the achievements of Kerala school and also analyses the hypotheses and conjectures on the possible transmission of Kerala mathematics to Europe.

An outline of the contents

The Social Origins of the Kerala School
The Mathematical Origins of the Kerala School
The Highlights of Kerala Mathematics and Astronomy
Indian Trigonometry: From Ancient Beginnings to Nilakantha
Squaring the Circle: The Kerala Answer
Reaching for the Stars: The Power Series for Sines and Cosines
Changing Perspectives on Indian Mathematics
Exploring Transmissions: A Case Study of Kerala Mathematics
A Final Assessment

See also

Indian astronomy
Indian mathematics
History of mathematics


Joseph, George Gheverghese (2009). A Passage to Infinity : Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact. Delhi: Sage Publications (Inda) Pvt. Ltd. p. 236. ISBN 978-81-321-0168-0.

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