The AMS Distinguished Public Service Award, awarded every 2 years by the American Mathematical Society, recognizes a research mathematician who has made a distinguished contribution to the mathematics profession during the preceding five years. It was first awarded in 1990.[1]

The recipients of the AMS Distinguished Public Service Award are:[2]

1990: Kenneth M. Hoffman
1991: No award
1992: Harvey B. Keynes
1993: I. M. Singer
1995: Donald J. Lewis
1997: No award made
1998: Kenneth C. Millett
2000: Paul J. Sally, Jr.
2002: Margaret H. Wright
2004: Richard A. Tapia
2006: Roger Howe
2008: Herbert Clemens
2010: Carlos Castillo-Chavez
2012: William McCallum
2014: Philip Kutzko
2016: Aloysius Helminck
2018: Sylvain Cappell

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