AMD Core Math Library (ACML) is an end-of-life[1] software development library released by AMD. This library provides mathematical routines optimized for AMD processors.

The successor to ACML is the AMD Optimizing CPU Libraries (AOCL), a set of mostly open source libraries compiled for AMD64 processors. It includes the open source BLIS, libFLAME, ScaLAPACK, FFTW, and AOCL-Sparse, plus the original closed-source AMD LibM, memcpy, and RNG.[2]


ACML consists of the following main components:[3]

A full implementation of Level 1, 2 and 3 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS), with optimizations for AMD Opteron processors.
A full suite of Linear Algebra (LAPACK) routines.
A comprehensive suite of Fast Fourier transform (FFTs) in single-, double-, single-complex and double-complex data types.
Fast scalar, vector, and array math transcendental library routines
Random Number Generators in both single- and double-precision

Supported platforms

AMD offers pre-compiled binaries for Linux, Solaris, and Windows available for download. Supported compilers include GNU Fortran, Intel Fortran Compiler, Microsoft Visual Studio, NAG, PathScale, PGI compiler, and Sun Studio.[4]

ACML has a proprietary freeware license. The library is distributed in binary form free of charge, but cannot be freely redistributed.[5][6]
See also

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Framewave - formerly the AMD Performance Library
Open64 - AMD has an Open64 compiler distribution that can be used with ACML
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ACML EULA, End-user license agreement

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