Abu Simbel; Speos of Hathor, entrance. John B. Green

Abu Simbel; Toui, the mother of Ramses II, statue to the left of the second, southern colossus at the Temple of Ramses II. John B. Green

Colossal statue of Ramses the Great at Abu Simbel. Maxime du Camp

Colossus on the facade of the Temple of Ramses II. Maxime du Camp

Egyptian sculpture in the Louvre. Alinari brothers

Great Pyramid. Francis Frith

Lofia, a woman in Cairo. Ernest Benecke

Luxor. Hector Horeau

Luxor. Hector Horeau

Mosque in Cairo. Wilhelm von Herford

Nubia. Maxime du Camp

One of the four huge statues of Ramses II at the Great Temple of Abu Simbel. Maxime du Camp

Silsilis; stelae. John B. Green

Southeast view from the top of the Pyramid of Cheops. Wilhelm von Herford

Suez. Francis Frith

The boat that Francis Frith used to travel to the 2nd cataract of the Nile. Francis Frith

The island of Philae. John B. Green

The Sphinx with the Pyramid of Chephren. Wilhelm von Herford

Thebes. Hector Horeau

Upper Egypt, date palm grove and dump palms. Maxime du Camp



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