Samson and Delilah , Joseph Telling Dream, Clio,

Venus and Satyr, Andromeda, Venus, Adonis and Cupid,

Allegorical Feast, Diana and Callisto,

Virgin and Child, Love - Women with 3 Children, Legend of St. Catherine,

Adoration of the Shepherds, Adoration of the Kings, Temptation of St. Anthony the Hermit,

St. Sebastian, Lady with the Unicorn,

Mucius Scaevola before Porsena,

Daimler 1886 , Peugeot 1894, Benz 1901,

Cudrell 1902 , Rolls-Royce 1908, Ford T 1908,

Vermorel 1912, Csonka 1912,

Franz Lehar,


Stamps of Hungary


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