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Wrestling (Greco-Roman)

Stelios Migiakis (Στέλιος Μηγιάκης) 1980 Gold medal 62 kg

Artiom Kioregkian (9.9.1976 Leninakan/USSR) wrestling Bronze medal Athens 2004.

Georgios Tsitas

Stephanos Christopoulos


There are some successful Greek Paralympics athletes even unfortunately the Greek society has not supported as it should or could persons with disabilities in the past. Only in the last years there is a small progress in making life easier for persons with disabilities. Greeks can learn from other countries like Australia, Sweden or Germany. More than four times more Greek athletes (135) compete in the 12th Paralympics events in Athens 2004 than in the previous events which is a sign of a positive change hopefully also in the infrastructure in Greece for disabled persons.






Seoul 1988





Barcelona 1992





Atlanta 1996





Sydney 2000





Athens 2004





Dimitris (Takis) Konstadangkas,(20.3.1958 Euboia), shot put, Class F56 Gold Atlanta, 1996

Stefanos Anargyrou (27.12.1962 Athens), shot put, Class F55 Gold in Sydney 2000 Paralympics ,shot put, Class F55 Bronze Atlanta, 1996

Athanassios Barakas (22.10.1971 Germany), long Jump, Class O12 Gold in Sydney 2000 Paralympics

Konstantinos Marios Fykas (25.5. 1981) Swimming, 50m freestyle, Class S8 Silver Atlanta, 1996, 50 and 100m Freestyle, Class S8, World Records Gold in Sydney 2000 Paralympics

Eleni Samaritaki ,(18.8. 1965 Rethymno/Crete ) 200 and 400m, Class Τ36 Silver in Sydney 2000 Paralympics

Evangelos Bakolas ,(17.9.1965 Lamia) Shotput, Class F33 Silver in Sydney 2000 Paralympics

Paraschos Stogiannidis , High Jump, Class F20 Silver in Sydney 2000 Paralympics

Antonios Giapountzis Swimming, 50m butterfly, Class S3 Bronze Atlanta, 1996

Georgios Toptsis (6.2.1958 Serres), Long Jump, Class F46 Bronze Atlanta, 1996

Maria Kalpakidou (3.2.1985 Thessaloniki ) Swimming, 50m Backstroke, Class S2 Bronze in Sydney 2000 Paralympics in Sydney 2000 Paralympics

Symeon Paltsanitidis (5.3.1963 Larissa), Discus Throw, Class F55 iBronze n Sydney 2000 Paralympics

Paraschos Stogiannidis , Javelin Throw, Class F20 Bronze in Sydney 2000 Paralympics

Christos Angourakis (24.8.1952 Herakleion/Crete), Javelin Throw, Class F53 Silver Barcelona, 1992, Shotput, Class F53 Bronze Barcelona, 1992, Javelin Throw, Class 1B Bronze Seoul, 1988

Georgios Toptsis , Long Jump, Class F46 Bronze Atlanta, 1996, Long Jump, Class F46 Silver Barcelona, 1992, Long Jump, Class A6 Bronze Seoul, 1988

Kyriakos Griveas, Swimming, 25m backstroke, Class 1B Silver Seoul, 1988

Charalampos Taiganidis (11.3.1981 Thessaloniki) , Gold medal in the men's 100m butterfly S13, Athens 2004 Paralympics

Ioannis Kostakis , Bronze medal men's 100m freestyle S3 ,Athens 2004 Paralympics

Efthymis Kalaras , Bronze medal in track-and-field men's discus F54 ,Athens 2004 Paralympics

Other Sports

Michael Diamond, Australian Olympic trap shooting champion , a son of Greek parents who changed their name to one which they thought would mean value to Australians

Pantelis Karasevdas (1877 – 1946) gold in military rifle event, 1896 Olympics

Ioannis Phrangoudis , 1896 Olympics, Gold medal Shooting Rapid fire pistol, Silver medal Shooting Free rifle, Bronze medal Shooting Free pistol

Georgios Orphanidis , 1896 Olympics, Gold medal Shooting Free rifle

Pavlos Pavlidis , Silver medal, Shooting Military rifle, 1896 Olympics


Melina Constantine Bell a philosophical Greek American bodybuilder

Sport related Persons

Dimitrios Vikelas (Δημήτριος Βικέλας) (15.2.1835 Ermoupolis/Syros – 20.7.1908
Athens) (He was a member of the 1896 Athens Olympics organizing group, the first president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) 1894 -1896), Tales from the Aegean Biography in Greek (Info , The Vikelas Library in Greek)

Ted Phillips, President of Chicago Bears

Mike Ilitch (20.7.1929 Macedonia) founder of Little Caesar's an international pizza chain He purchased two Detroit sports teams — the Detroit Red Wings (1982) and the Detroit Tigers, (1992)

Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1880 Mönchengladbach Germany – October 1967 ) Body Contrology, fitness exercises, gymnastic, born to parents of Greek ancestry “It is the mind itself which builds the body” ,"As a child, I would lie in the woods for hours, hiding and watching the animals move, how the mother taught the young"

Otto Rehagel,called by the Greeks Rehakles derived from Herakles (Hercules), a German Coach of the 2004 European Football Champion Greek Team

Bob Costas, NBC sports caster, hosted NBC's primetime coverage of the last three Summer Olympics, and he anchored the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City as well. He has won 13 Emmy Awards and been named National Sportscaster of the Year an unprecedented eight times.

Fotini Papaleonidopoulou, a 10 year old girl with a powerful blow extinguished the 2004 Olympics flame. What will she remember later from this ceremony? Lets hope that she represents a new generation of Greeks who will be more interested in the Olympic Games and Sport than the old partial not educated population

Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder fired after 12 years as a CBS football analyst (with remarkable predictions for the games) for his remarks to a TV reporter about black athletes "During the slave period, the slave owner would breed his big black with his big woman so that he would have a big black kid–that's where it all started."

Ioannis Hrisafis (1873-1932) (Ta NEA in Greek)

Biographies of Greek Athletes of the 1896 Olympic Games

Ancient Greek Olympic Games , Famous ancient Athletes

Why Phidippides (or Philippides), the Marathon Man, died and probably one month earlier than historians assumed?


Thanos Basdekis, The Role of Greeks in Modern American Sport

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