Scopas (or Skopas) (Σκόπας) (c.395 BC-350 BC) was a an Ancient Greek sculptor and architect, born in the island of Paros.

Scopas worked with Praxiteles, and sculpted parts of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus especially the reliefs. He leaded the new-building of the Athena-temple at Tegea.

Similar to Lysippus, Scopas is in his art a successor of the Classical Greek sculpture Polyclitus.


A part of the Amazonomachy of the Mausoleum, an Amazon attacking a male warrior, probably a work of Scopas. According to Pliny the Elder Scopas was responsible for the sculptures of the East side, Leochares for the West side, Bryaxis for the North side and Timotheos for the South side of the Mausoleum. (A colored version, original colors unknown).


Sculpture from Tegea assumed to represent Hygeia, probably a work of Scopas


Pothos Louvre Ma541

Skopas, as if moved by some inspiration, imparted to the making of his statue the divine frenzy that possessed him. Why should I not describe to you from the beginning the inspiration of this work of art? The statue of a Maenad, wrought from Parian marble, has been transformed into a real Maenad. The Maenad of Skopas


NAMA 180 Warrior from the Athena Elea Temple in Tegea


NAMA 179 Youth, Athena Elea Temple


Tegea, Athena Elea Temple

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