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Praxagoras of Cos (Πραξαγόρας) around 340 BC, a member of the family of the Asclepiadae, discovers the difference between arteries and veins (a pupil of Diocles, a physician influenced by Aristotle. He was famed for his "experimental" proof that the arteries beat independently of the heart. This was demonstrated by cutting flesh from an animal and watching it continue to move, much like innocent children gleefully removing the legs from harvestmen and watching them continue to wiggle apart from the body. Despite his somewhat morbid practices, he was able to acquire a great deal of anatomical knowledge. Cutting to the chase ) The Human Cardiovascular System

Pliny H. N.xxvi. 10


Ancient Medicine (Sciences of Antiquity Series) London and New York: Routledge, 2004. Pp. xiv, 486; ills. 31, maps & plans 4. ISBN 0-415-08611-6

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