Phaenarete (Greek Φαιναρέτη), wife of Sophroniscus, was the mother of the Greek philosopher Socrates and his half-brother, Patrocles. (Probably after the death of Sophronicus, she married Chaeredemus, father of Patrocles.)

Very little is known of the life of Phaenarete. Socrates compares his own work as a philosopher with hers as a midwife, especially in Theaetetus. Albert Schwegler writes of Socrates: "his office was rather to help others bring forth thoughts than to produce them himself...[and] he took upon himself to distinguish the birth of an empty thought from one rich in content."

In Xenophon's Memorabilia, Socrates' veneration of his mother is amply demonstrated in his discussion with his eldest son Lamprocles. Socrates takes an aggressive stance towards his son, saying: "You are displeased at our mother, although you well know that whatever she says, she not only says nothing with intent to do you harm, but that she wishes you more good than any other human being."

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