Silver tetradrachm of Pantaleon [Source]
Obv: Bust of king Pantaleon with diadem.
Rev: Zeus seated on a throne, with scepter in left hand and, on extended right hand, a statue of Hecate holding two torches. Greek legend: BASILEOS PANTALEONTOS "King Pantaleon".

Cupro-nickel coin of king Pantaleon. [Source]
Obv: Bust of Dionysos with a wreath of leaves.
Rev: Panther with a small bell around the neck, touching a vine with the left leg. Greek legend: BASILEOS PANTALEONTOS "King Pantaleon".

Bilingual Indian-standard coin of Pantaleon [Source]
Obv: Dancing Lakshmi with legend in Brahmi: RAJANE PAMTALEVASA "King Pantaleon".
Rev: Buddhist lion, with legend in Greek BASILEOS PANTALEONTOS "King Pantaleon".

Pantaleon reigned some time between 190 BC - 180 BC and is one of the most enigmatic of the Greek kings in Bactria and India. He was a younger contemporary or successor of the Greco-Bactrian king Demetrius, and is sometimes believed to have been his brother and/or subking. He was the first Greek king to strike Indian coins, peculiar irregular bronzes which suggests he had his base in Arachosia and Gandhara and wanted support from the native population.

The limited size of his coinage indicates a short reign. Known evidence suggests that he was replaced by his (probable) brother Agathocles. Some of his coins (as well as those of Agathocles and Euthydemus II) have another surprising characteristic: they are made of copper-nickel alloy, a technology that would not be developed in the West until the 18th century, but was known by the Chinese at the time. This suggests that exchanges of the metallic alloy or technicians happened between China and the region of Bactria.

Indo-Greek Ruler (Arachosia, Gandhara) 190-185 BC
Preceded by: Demetrius I
Succeeded by: Apollodotus I


Coins of Pantaleon

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