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Mnesitheus of Athens, Greek physician (4th c. BC), quoted by Oribasius, in Medical Collection and by Athenaeus.

Athenian Cabbage a recipe from Mnesitheus supposed to cure headaches and soothe upset stomachs.


A quote of Mnesitheus according to Athenaeus:

The gods have revealed wine to mortals, to be the greatest blessing for those who use it aright, but for those who use it without measure, the reverse. For it gives food to them that take it and strength in mind and body. In medicine it is most beneficial; it can be mixed with liquid and drugs and it brings aid to the wounded. In daily intercourse, to those who mix and drink it moderately, it gives good cheer; but if you overstep the bounds, it brings violence. Mix it half and half, and you get madness; unmixed, bodily collapse.

John Wilikins, Fish as a source of food in antiquity (PDF)

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