Michalis Rakintzis (born early 1960s) is a Greek singer. He was born in Athens. Michalis Rakintzis studied Mechanical Engineering in Great Britain. In the eighties he sang in a group called Scraptown. After they split up Rakintzis went back to Greece to start a solo career. His breakthrough came in 1987. The song "Moro mou faltso" was a huge success. Readers of the music magazine Popcorn voted him "Best singer of the Year" in 1991.

Michalis Rakintzis worked together with international stars such as Ian Gillan from Deep Purple and rocksinger Bonnie Tyler. He also writes songs for other Greek artists, such as Paschalis, Eleni Dimou, Dimitris Kontolazos, Sophia Arvaniti, Stelios Dionisiou, Vassilis Karras.

Michalis participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in Tallinn. The song, "S.A.G.A.P.O." (I Love You) limped to a disappointing 16th place. The military look and the badly-sung English were suggested as reasons why international voters might not have taken to the song.

In July 2003 Michalis Rakintzis released a new solo album.In 2004 he released yet another maxi single, entitled "Taste of you" (Geusi apo esena"). In June 2005, he released "Bar code".

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