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Kalomoira Sarantis (Καλομοίρα Σαράντη in Greek characters; born Maria Kalomoira Sarantis, January 31, 1985, Long Island, New York, United States), also professionally-known simply as Kalomoira or K-Moira, is a popular American singer, famous mainly in Greece and Cyprus.

Kalomoira hails from Nassau County, New York (born to Greek-American restauranteurs Nikos (Nick) and Eleni (Helen) Sarantis), a very affleunt part of the United States. In fact the median income for a household in Nassau County is $71,260, significantly higher than almost all counties in New York, if not the US.

She was Ms West Hempstead (Homecoming Queen) for her high school in 2003.

Despite speaking mainly English, Kalomoira went to Greece on a tip from her cousin, about a reality show called Fame Story (licensed from Star Academy, a reality talent show similar to American Idol in the United States and Pop Idol in the United Kingdom). Although improving her skills on her family's native language, her Greek would not be considered that of native speaker competence.

She won the talent contest and became a teenage-audience celebrity in Greece.

Shortly after this, she released a self-titled album, Kalomoira (2004), which was certified Gold in Greece. She has also released her second studio album entitled Paizeis? (2005).

As a pop icon

Many young people surveyed are considerably tempted to join the ranks of Fame Story, having Kalomoira in mind. Also in 2004, she had a minor credited role in the Greek TV drama series I Lampsi, playing the part of Jennifer, where veteran director Nikos Foskolos compared her to Aliki Vougiouklaki. As of early 2006 she co-hosted the Good Morning show Proinos Kafes in ANT1 TV.

Kalomoira has been profiled as belonging to the very light-hearted side of pop music. Although she is famed for her high charisma, natural charm and overall innocent image, she usually sings about cliche boy-girl relationships and falling-in-love songs. Her audience is mostly amongst the young teenagers and early 20something. Her image makers have been trying to establish an 'innocent' baby look for her, which has resulted in often caricaturization [1].



  • Paizeis? (2005)
  • Kalomira (Self Titled) (2004)

Cd Singles:

  • Gine mazi mou paidi (2006)

Kalomoira - Secret Combination - Eurovision 2008 Greece , 3rd with 218 Points


  1. ↑ George Mitsikostas' show MitsiHosta, Season 5, episode 4.


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