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George Kallis is a highly regarded and prolific film composer, renowned for his memorable lyrical melodies and ethnomusicological traits to his scores. He has been described as “the new Jerry Goldsmith” (Motion Picture Records) during recent conducting sessions with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. He also orchestrates and conducts his compositions.

Current work

George has just finished scoring the prison-thriller SCREWED (Lionsgate) starring James D'Arcy and Noel Clark, out in UK cinemas in June 2011. Right before he composed the music for DRY RUN, starring Diora Baird and Max Ryan, and he also worked with Emmy Award winning filmmaker Kerry Shaw Brown on THE RED KITE PROJECT documentary.

Previous work

George got his first break into film by composing, orchestrating and conducting the music for the WWII feature Joy Division (Momentum Pictures) directed by Reg Traviss and starring Bernard Hill. Following up the musical success on his first feature, George won the admiration of film director Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity) and composed the score for Highlander - The Source (Lionsgate).[1] For the recordings, he conducted the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. The score soundtrack has received very favourable reviews from soundtrack critics, and has been described as "a genuinely rare work of impressive grandness" (scorereviews.com). Other works include orchestrations for various MARVEL films, and music for WILL & GRACE (NBC), FARAH’S STORY (NBC/C4), AMERICA’S MOST WANTED (20th Century Fox) to name a few. His score for LOST BULLETS was nominated for the best music score at the Aubagne Int'l Film Festival.

Other notable work includes the music for the Danish blockbuster of 2009 THE CHRISTMAS PARTY (Julefrokosten), starring Thure Lindhardt (Angels & Demons) and supermodel Helena Christensen, as well as the music for MISSIONBUMSEN, which was part of the international award winning series, “Vores Krig” (“Our War”) as well as the opening titles music for the acclaimed BBC series HORIZON. . George is also committed to working with up and coming filmmakers, and amongst others he has scored the short Curiosity, starring Emily Blunt, and the romantic comedy feature Right Hand Drive, starring Annabelle Wallis (The Tudors).

George was born in 1974 on the island of Cyprus and grew up in a musical environment. He was fascinated by music at a very early age and studied classical piano and violin, played bass in heavy metal bands and became engrossed in classic movies of Hollywood's golden age. Their beautifully thematic soundtracks left him a very strong musical impression, and soon enough composing for films became his passion. At 18 years old, George had already won several songwriting awards, and his first personal CD Where There is a Child earned him a gold record by Galaxy Music. Following his two-year army service at the National Guard as a second lieutenant, Berklee College of Music in Boston recognized George’s exceptional talent and awarded him a scholarship to study for a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Film Scoring. During his studies, George represented Cyprus as a songwriter in THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST in Jerusalem (the European show seen yearly by more than 600 million people worldwide). Berklee College of Music also chose George to represent the college as the most promising talent in an NBC special on film music. Soon after graduating, George moved to London to follow up his studies with a Masters of Music in Composition at The Royal College of Music, studying with acclaimed veteran composer Joseph Horovitz. With a solid foundation in both classical and contemporary music, George began his career as a composer by working his way up from scoring documentaries and TV programmes, commercials and international multimedia installations. He is now working between London and Los Angeles.


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